Advantages of using organic body care products

Advantages of using organic body care products

You always want to believe that there are regulations out there to keep you safe – especially when dealing with the foods you eat and products you use on your body. And if you are just talking about foods or medications, your belief would be sound. But the fact is, there is a big gray area when it comes to skin care products.

While the FDA has regulations and standards in place for food and drugs, things become a bit more lax when it comes to body care products. There are no set regulations in place, meaning you don’t really know how safe the ingredients in these products are. It’s a scary thought. But this should motivate all of us to understand the actual ingredients being used in the products we use. Luckily, there are sites like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database that can help you out.

Obviously, the use of safe ingredients on your body is one of the biggest advantages of using organic body care products. But it actually goes deeper than that as well, since the use of other products isn’t only going to affect the person using them.

You see, when someone uses a body care product with chemicals on it, some of it will be absorbed into their body. But, the other portion will be mostly washed off, allowing the chemicals to go down the drain. This means that these same chemicals are entering the water supply system. While there are advanced filters in place, there are still toxins that are missed in the process. The chemicals are then not only recirculated into our drinking water, but into the water of animals as well, some which can later become food. Our entire ecosystem is negatively affected by these intruding chemicals.

These are the facts that many of the big companies don’t take into consideration, and frankly, don’t care about. The unknown ingredients and chemicals are cheaper, which allows them to create a less expensive product on a grand scale. So many consumers are strictly price-driven, and many aren’t aware that these products aren’t being closely regulated.

At Green Envee Organics, we only use 100% organic ingredients in our products. They aren’t always cheap, but we’re willing to spend extra to ensure that our products are good for you and good for the world around us

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